National Geographic November 1993


New Light on the Olmec
The once mysterious Olmec are emerging from the shadowy past. Archaeologists have now uncovered exciting new artifacts and reinterpreted older ones from Mesoamerica’s first great civilization.
The Red Sea { The Desert Sea}
Sandwiched between the dry shores of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the Red Sea presents a vast aquarium of flamboyant species, many found nowhere else.
Kodiak, Alaska’s Island Refuge
Famous for brown bears that spar over spawning salmon, Kodiak witnesses a new fight: Native Alutiiq are tangling with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the right to develop traditional lands.
Taiwan: The Other China Changes Course
Chinese Nationalists made an impoverished island off the China coast a bastion against mainland communism. Taiwan has since become an economic powerhouse – – and now a democracy.
Harlequin Ducks { Bird of White Waters: The Harlequin Duck}
The harlequin duck, plying swift mountain cascades and exploding breakers along North America’s rocky northern shores, faces a rough ride as its pristine wilderness habitat erodes.

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