National Geographic November 1990


Erie Canal: Living Link to Our Past
Traffic is down on the ditch that once bustled with barges and packets crisscrossing New York State, but dreams are alive in the towns along its banks. Joel L. Swerdlow and photographer Bob Sacha follow the canal’s slow pace, relishing the optimism th;
Six Across Antarctica: Into the Teeth of the Ice
In July 1989, men from six nations set out on foot to traverse the greatest breadth of Antarctica. More than seven months and 3, 700 miles later, having endured unimaginable hardship and near tragedy, they succeeded. Veteran explorer and team co- leader;
Kingdom of Kush { Sudan’s Kingdom of Kush; Discoveries at Sudan’s Sacred Mountain of Jebel Barkal Reveal Secrets of the Kingdom of Kush}
Some 3, 500 years ago, Kushites in present- day Sudan adopted the religion and customs of their Egyptian conquerors. Then, in one of history’s great reversals, they conquered Egypt itself. Archaeologist Timothy Kendall describes remarkable finds at the
A Love Affair With Maps { Seventy- Five Years of Cartography: A Love Affair With Maps}
As the Society’s Cartographic Division celebrates 75 years of exploring the round earth on flat paper, its chief, John B. Garver, Jr. , traces the evolution of mapmaking at the National Geographic.
New Atlas Explores a Changing World
Society President Gilbert M. Grosvenor announces the sixth edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World – – a world that is witnessing a transformation of political boundaries unparalleled since World War II. High- resolution satellite images ma
The Baltic Nations: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Struggle Toward Independence
After 50 years of Soviet domination, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania struggle to regain their lost sovereignty. Their newly elected leaders face the twin challenges of repairing ravaged lands and economies and restoring trust in government. Priit J. Ves;

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