National Geographic November 1989


Vietnam: The Hard Road to Peace { Saigon: Fourteen Years After}
Officially it’s Ho Chi Minh City, but to the man in the street it’s still Saigon. Peter White and David Harvey explore a big, bustling city that retains more than a trace of wartime Americanization.
In a Japanese Garden
A place for contemplation, the Japanese garden can be a stark landscape of rocks and raked gravel or a velvet carpet of moss or grass. Bruce A. Coats explains the philosophy behind these islands of serenity, photographed with an artist’s eye by Michael;
Vietnam: The Hard Road to Peace { Hanoi: The Capital Today}
Fourteen years after the unification of Vietnam under communist rule, the Hanoi government is making overtures to the capitalist world. Peter T. White and photographer David Alan Harvey find a nation groping for ways to invigorate a failing economy.
Vietnam: The Hard Road to Peace { Hue: My City, Myself}
Scholar and novelist Tran Van Dinh returns to his birthplace and rediscovers the grandeur and charm of Vietnam’s last imperial capital. Photographs by David Alan Harvey.
The Efe: Archers of the Rain Forest { The Efe: Archers of the African Rain Forest}
In Zaire’s Ituri Forest anthropologist Robert C. Bailey studies the Efe, one of some ten Pygmy groups found in central Africa. The way of life of these hunter- gatherers may teach much about our early ancestors.
Finding the [ Bismarck] { The [ Bismarck] Found}
Nazi Germany’s most powerful battleship sank in a savage battle with British warships in 1941, after only five days in the North Atlantic. Using sonar and video search techniques, Robert D. Ballard and his team locate its hulk three miles off the coast

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