National Geographic November 1975


Trek to Lofty Hunza- -and Beyond
Sabrina and Roland Michaud, with 5 1/ 2- year- old Romain, search for a Shangri- La amid Pakistan’s towering Karakorams.
Christopher Columbus And the New World He Found { Christopher Columbus: The Sailor Who Gave Us the New World}
America had been discovered long before 1492, but it remained for Columbus to make it stick. John Scofield and Adam Woolfitt follow the Admiral’s complex trail on four voyages of triumph and disaster.
Romania: Maverick on a Tightrope
Bill Ellis and Winfield Parks explore an ancient land stubbornly following its own course, and accepting today’s growing pains as the price of tomorrow’s hoped- for prosperity.
The Nation’s Bookcase: Library of Congress { Library of Congress: The Nation’s Bookcase}
Workhorse for Congress and treasure- house extraordinary, the LC’s range of activities surprises even those who use it most. By Fred Kline and Dick Durrance II.
Chinatown, the Gilded Ghetto
Most visitors see only the smiling, exotic facade of San Francisco’s Chinese community, the nation’s largest. William Albert Allard probes more deeply, and finds a different story.
Manitoba’s Fantastic Snake Pits
Garter snakes by the thousands survive Canada’s harsh winters in underground dens. Studying this almost unknown phenomenon, biologist Michael Aleksiuk solves some its mysteries and discovers others. Photographs by Bianca Lavies.

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