National Geographic April 1970


Shenandoah, I Long to Hear You
The history- laden Shenandoah Valley of the Virginias is agriculturally bountiful, and a beautiful destination for millions of tourists each year.
The Vikings
Bold seafarers swept out of Scandinavia a millennium ago and terrorized and explored Europe, western Asia, and eastern Canada. Their legacy lives on today.
South Australia, Gateway to the Great Outback
Two regions of this influential Australian state, the empty arid north and the populous well- watered south, are as different as the Sahara and New England.
White Tiger in My House
The wife of the director of the National Zoological Park in Washington, D. C. , mothers a rare cub called Rewati and records her development at their suburban home.
Following the Ladybug Home
A University of California entomologist, studying the convergent ladybug in a laboratory, hopes to increase the use of the insect in agriculture to control pests.

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