National Geographic October 1990


A Raft Atop the Rain Forest
Lowered by dirigible onto the tropical canopy of French Guiana, a huge raft offers an international team of scientists an unprecedented bird’s- eye view of the diverse life in a vanishing realm. Team leader Francis Halle reports, with photographs by Rap
Suruga Bay: In the Shadow of Mount Fuji { Dispatches from a distant world ; Dreams and nightmares in Suruga’s wire coral forest }
In the shadow of Mount Fuji, a little- explored harbor holds an amazing array of sea life. Using the latest underwater technology, photographers David Doubilet and Emory Kristof and marine biologist Eugenie Clark plumb its mysteries to depths of 7, 000 f
The Cajuns: Still Loving Life
With a history of exile and exclusion stretching back to the 1750s, these descendants of Nova Scotia’s Acadians have developed a unique and enduring culture in south Louisiana. Today they watch with amusement as their spicy folkways are commercialized f
Is Our World Warming? { Under the Sun- -Is Our World Warming? }
Earth’s atmosphere isn’t what it was a hundred years ago: Carbon dioxide – – up by 25 percent – – methane, CFCs, and other gases are adding to the greenhouse effect. Is global temperature rising as a result? How will our long- term climate be effected?
Mali’s Dogon People { Below the Cliff of Tombs: Mali’s Dogon}
In the unyielding landscape of Africa’s Sahel, the Dogon guard the rituals that have sustained them for centuries. Carrying their dead high into the cliffs, they reverently reuse the burial caves of an earlier people. By David Roberts, with photographs;

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