National Geographic May 1977


The Celts
A proud, inventive, battle- loving people wrought Europe’s first civilization north of the Alps, centuries before Caesar marched out of Rome. Merle Severy, reporting startling finds of many scholars, describes ancient Celtic conquests and craftsmanship,
Malaysia: Youthful Nation With Growing Pains
A Southeast Asian land of natural wealth and hard- won prosperity faces smoldering racial tensions and Communist insurgency. William S. Ellis and David Alan Harvey assess Malaysia’s chances for peaceful solutions.
Wild Nursery of the Mangroves { The Tree Nobody Liked}
Long the bane of Florida land developers, the red mangrove proves its value as a haven for wildlife and the source of a complex food chain vital to the state’s commercial fisheries. Rick Gore and Bianca Lavies explore the mangrove’s watery kingdom.
A Village Rises From Ashes { Vestmannaeyjar: Up From the Ashes}
Iceland’s Vestmannaeyjar, all but destroyed by volcanic eruption four years ago, lives again through the will and toil of its people. Noel Grove and Robert S. Patton revisit the scene.
New York’s Land of Dreamers and Doers
Glacier- carved hills cupping slender, quiet waters have yielded zestful wines and a notable procession of dreamers and doers, from pioneer feminists to spellbinding spiritualists. Ethel A. Starbird and Nathan Benn roam the region.

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