National Geographic September 1971


Brazil Protects Her Cinta Larga Indians
A government team hopes to save scattered Indian villages of western Brazil from clashes with prospectors and developers.
That Dammed Missouri River
From the Rockies to its confluence with the Mississippi, the once- rebellious Missouri flows through a series of dams on its 2, 500- mile journey, longest course of any stream in North America.
Alan Villiers’ Tribute to Captain Cook: The Man Who Mapped the Pacific { The Voyages and Historic Discoveries of Capt. Jas. Cook; Captain Cook: The Man Who Mapped the Pacific}
Following in Cook’s wake, a noted seaman and writer pays tribute to the Englishman whose voyages and discoveries provided more information about the Pacific and its people than all explorers before him.
Mzima, Kenya’s Spring of Life
In arid Tsavo National Park, clear pools of water form an oasis for creatures large and small, from hippos to damselflies.
What a Place to Lay an Egg!
A zoology professor from the University of California, Los Angeles, studies the fairy tern of the Midway Islands – – only to have a female lay an egg and raise a chick on his window ledge.

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