National Geographic May 1975


Life with the Pumphouse Gang : New Insights Into Baboon Behavior
Among wild baboons in Kenya, females hold the troop together, reports a young U. S. anthropologist, Shirley C. Strum. Photographs by Timothy W. Ransom.
Mystery of the Ancient Nazca Lines
What impelled ancient Peruvians to lay out huge figures on the desert, visible only from the sky? Loren McIntyre turns his camera on the strange designs.
Rhodesia, a House Divided
Allan C. Fisher, Jr. , and Thomas Nebbia look thoughtfully at that lovely but politically troubled African land.
Provence, Empire of the Sun
France’s south lures author William Davenport with its quiet, independent backcountry life. Pictures by James A. Sugar.
Project FAMOUS- -Man’s First Voyages Down to the Mid- Atlantic Ridge { Dive Into the Great Rift}
The French- American Mid- Ocean Undersea Study sends scientists two miles down to the Mid- Atlantic Ridge. U. S. leader James R. Heirtzler defines its fissured, lava- shaped central valley. Geologist Robert D. Ballard takes you into the rift. Photographs
Project FAMOUS- -Man’s First Voyages Down to the Mid- Atlantic Ridge { Where the Earth Turns Inside Out}
In the oceanographic equivalent of the space program, scientists launch a great adventure in exploration, the first manned probe of the awesome Mid- Atlantic Ridge.
My Backyard, the Adirondacks
Ecologist Anne LaBastille tells why she lives in a remote cabin in the largest chunk of wilderness left in the eastern United States. Pictures by David Alan Harvey.

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