National Geographic March 1970


Ford’s Theatre Reborn in Memory of Lincoln { The Lights Are Up at Ford’s Theatre}
The National Park Service has restored the historic playhouse in Washington, D. C. , where Abraham Lincoln was shot.
Panama, Link Between Oceans and Continents
The Panama Canal and the U. S. -controlled Canal Zone have shaped the destiny of the nation at the crossroads between North and South America.
Through the Northwest Passage for Oil { North for Oil: [ Manhattan] Makes the Historic Northwest Passage}
A converted U. S. oil tanker, now an icebreaker, forges a shipping lane from Thule Air Base in Greenland across the top of North America to Alaska oil fields.
Kansai, Japan’s Historic Heartland
For three months, staff writer Thomas J. Abercrombie commuted between past and present in this region where Japan’s culture is uniquely on display.
Starfish Threaten Pacific Reefs
A mysterious population explosion of crown- of- thorns starfish threatens coral reefs of Guam and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
Indian Shangri- La of the Grand Canyon
Below the canyon’s South Rim, 300 members of the Havasupai tribe raise alfalfa and corn in splendid isolation broken only by summer visitors.

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