National Geographic May 1971


Buck Island- -Underwater Jewel
Protected as a national monument, the skindiver’s paradise off St. Croix in the U. S. Virgin Islands swarms with colorful tropical fish.
Two Wheels Along the Mexican Border
Riding a motorcycle, a young photojournalist takes a fresh look at the strong people living along the U. S. -Mexico frontier.
Britain’s French Channel Islands
Residents of the quirky Channel Islands toast Queen Elizabeth as their Duke, regard England as their oldest possession, and govern themselves through venerable parliaments.
The Condor, Soaring Spirit of the Andes
A husband- and- wife team spent two years in South America studying the great vulture and learned of its role in local Indian culture.
Russia’s Window on the West: Leningrad { Leningrad, Russia’s Window on the West}
Known as St. Petersburg when it was capital of the tsarist empire, renamed for Lenin in 1924, the city became the largest port and second city of the Soviet Union.

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