National Geographic March 1987


Brazil’s Monkeys in Peril { Monkey in Peril: Rescuing Brazil’s Muriqui}
The muriqui faced a bleak future until it became the star of a popular conservation campaign aimed at saving Brazil’s unique primate population, says Russell A. Mittermeier. Photographs by Andrew L. Young.
Mysteries of the Bog
One of nature’s special gifts, peat is fuel, medicine, soil conditioner, and preserver of the past. Louise E. Lavathes and photographer Fred Bavendam report on a dwindling resource.
Australia’s Southern Seas: A Cold, Rich World Beneath the Southern Cross
The ocean life down under roils with a wealth of marine life. But when Richard Ellis and photographer David Doubilet joined fishermen seeking abalone, prawn, and rock lobster, they were also invading the hunting ground of the great white shark.
North Dakota- -Tough Times on the Prairie { Tough Times on the Prairie- -North Dakota}
North Dakota nurtures a hardy people, inured to a climate and economy that deal out too little or too much. Bryan Hodgson and photographer Annie Griffiths report.
Brazil: The Promise and Pain { Brazil: Moment of Promise and Pain}
The tropical South American giant is emerging as a world economic power despite its huge foreign debt. And its new democratic government is bent on reversing centuries of inequality and social neglect, according to Priit J. Vesilind and photographer Ste;

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