National Geographic June 1999


A Dinosaur Named Sue
When the prehistoric object of a bitter custody battle sold for 8. 36 million dollars, scientists finally began to piece together the skeleton – – and saga – – of the largest T. rex ever found.
Cuba- -Evolution in the Revolution
Cuba’s revolution ages, perhaps mellows, but keeps its grip on this island nation. Quick as ever to point out their accomplishments under socialism, Cubans now recognize the growing power of the U. S. dollar in their country.
John Glenn in Space { John Glenn: Man With a Mission}
In 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. Thirty- six years later, at the age of 77, the senator returned to space to help us understand how the body ages – – and to remind us that the spirit never does.
Deep Soul of the New River { New River; New River’s Deep Soul}
The oldest river on the eastern seaboard flows through the Appalachians with waters calm enough for church baptisms and wild enough for white- water rafters.
Old Havana { The Rebirth of Old Havana}
Renovation in the heart of Cuba’s capital city illuminates centuries of architectural splendor.
Tam Dao- -Sanctuary Under Siege { Vietnam’s Tam Dao Reserve; Tam Dao- -Vietnam’s Sanctuary Under Siege}
A refuge for wildlife – – and for weekenders from Hanoi – – also draws international scientists, who are cataloging the rare and endangered creatures of Vietnam’s new national park even as poachers scoop them up.
Sahara Rock Art { Ancient Art of the Sahara}
Intriguing scenes carved in rock shelters and on cliffs survive the elements but fall victim to collectors.

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