National Geographic June 1987


The Patowmack Canal: Waterway That Led to the Constitution { George Washington’s Patowmack Canal: Waterway That Led to the Constitution}
Lifelong dream of America’s first President, this great national Work, began in 1785 to bind the frontier West with eastern seaports, was a first step on the way to the Constitutional Convention. By Wilbur E. Garrett, with photographs by Kenneth Garre;
Waterton- Glacier: Pride of Two Nations { Waterton- Glacier Peace Park; Pride of Two Nations: Waterton- Glacier International Peace Park}
Canada and the U. S. deal with mounting pressures on the vast mountain preserve that straddles the border between Montana and Alberta. David S. Boyer and Lowell Georgia portray its problems and splendors.
Tracking Tornadoes { Tornado! }
Earth’s most powerful storms pack winds too furious to measure. Peter Miller explains when and where they form and how we detect and survive them. Photographs by Chris Johns.
Laos Today { Laos}
How have the free- spirited people of this Southeast Asian nation adjusted to a decade of Communist rule? Assistant Editor Peter T. White and photographer Seny Norasingh report.
Ice Entombs an Eskimo Family for Five Centuries { When Ice Entombed an Eskimo Family; Sealed in Time- -Ice Entombs an Eskimo Family for Five Centuries}
A surge of sea ice slams onto Alaska’s north coast, burying a house and its occupants. Five centuries later archaeologist Albert A. Dekin, Jr. , unravels the tragic story. Photographs by Victor R. Boswell, Jr. , and Scott Rutherford, paintings by James
Gray Whales Make a Comeback { Gray Whales at Play in Baja’s San Ignacio Lagoon}
Dr. Steven L. Swartz and Mark Lou Jones tell of a six- year study of the gray whale, once almost hunted out of existence, at a Mexican breeding site. Photographs by Francois Gohier.

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