National Geographic June 1974


Burma’s Leg Rowers and Floating Farms
The Intha, or Lake Burmese, row their boats with one leg, keeping arms free to fish and to tend vegetable gardens on floating mats of soil.
The Other Nevada
Away from the glitter of Las Vegas and Reno lies a realm of rugged mountains, parched deserts, and small towns and ranches imbued with a spirit of independence.
Oil, the Dwindling Treasure
When the Arabs limited their production of oil in 1973, the world’s dependence on the dwindling resource prompted this close look at oil production from Kuwait to the North Slope of Alaska.
The Other Yosemite
Beyond crowded Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows, a thousand square miles of roadless wilderness beckon.
Noicest Parrt o’ England — the Cotswolds { The Cotswolds, Noicest Parrt o’ England }
Rural villages of the Cotswolds guard the last bit of medieval England, yet coexist with the Air Age.
Climbing Half Dome the Hard Way
The sheer northwest face of Yosemite’s granite monolith had never before been climbed without driving into it rock- damaging steel pitons.

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