National Geographic February 1970


Lebanon, Little Bible Land in the Crossfire of History
William S. Ellis, son of a Lebanese mother, examines the many- sided conflict that tears apart the Mediterranean nation where Christians and Muslims have coexisted for centuries.
East Africa’s Majestic Flamingos
In colonies of up to a million pairs, two species of flamingos breed on alkaline lakes in the Great Rift Valley.
The Danakil: Nomads of Ethiopia’s Wasteland
A photojournalist travels a grueling 2, 000 miles through volcanic wilderness to live among the Muslim camel and goat herders of northeastern Ethiopia.
The Revolution in American Agriculture { More Food for Our Multiplying Millions: The Revolution in American Agriculture}
A dwindling number of farmers working fewer and fewer farms produce more and more food, from the wheat fields of Montana to the tomato fields of California.
White- water Adventure on Wild Rivers of Idaho
Veteran white- water boaters make winter runs down the storied Salmon and Middle Fork Salmon Rivers, dramatizing the need to preserve unspoiled wilderness.

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