National Geographic June 1958


Belgium Welcomes the World: Millions of Visitors to the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels See an Atomic- age Exposition in a Time- mellowed Land
Highlights of the World’s Fair include an architectural monument to the peaceful use of the atom.
The High World of the Rain Forest: In the Trinidad Jungle, Naturalist and Artist Work Together to Portray a Teeming Animal Kingdom Men Seldom See
Paintings by Guy Neale capture the bright colors and fantastic forms of insects found in the jungles of Trinidad.
Antarctic Scientist Honored by The Society
Paul Siple, leader of the first expedition to winter at the South Pole, becomes the 17th recipient of the Hubbard Medal.
My Neighbors Hold to Mountain Ways: Blue Ridge People of North Carolina Stick to Their Fancy in Preserving a Life Their Pioneer Forebears Knew
The author experiences local color in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains through the tales of scholars, rock hounds, railroaders, and blacksmiths.
To Europe with a Racing Start
The 50th annual race from Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda, launches a 30- foot sailboat on an adventure that continues through sun and storm to Gibraltar.
A New Volcano Bursts from the Atlantic: Off Fayal, in Portugal’s Verdant Azores, a Jack- in- the- box Eruption Smothers Villages, Awes Visitors- -and Even Catches Whales
Near Portugal, a new island appears, disappears, and rises again.

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