National Geographic August 1990


Missouri’s Garden of Consequence { The Plant Hunters: A Portrait of the Missouri Botanical Garden}
This leading center for tropical botanical research has expanded its mission to educating the world about the effects of rain forest destruction. Boyd Gibbons and photographer James P. Blair report.
Voyage of the Century
Their mission to explore the outer solar system accomplished, the twin spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have headed for the stars. With newly enhanced images, team member Bradford A. Smith chronicles their adventure.
Neptune: Voyager’s Last Picture Show
The wonders of the eighth planet from the sun thrilled even seasoned scientists and made Voyager 2’s final close encounter one of its most amazing. Rick Gore recounts the excitement as experts at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory interpret images of Neptune
An African American Celebration of Life { A Celebration of African- American Life; Philadelphia’s African Americans: A Celebration of Life; Mother Africa’s Children }
Old traditions find joyous expression in Philadelphia’s inner city. Photographer Roland L. Freeman shares his long commitment to recording preservation and change in an urban culture.
Yugoslavia: A House Much Divided
The nation that has pursued a separate destiny outside the Soviet sphere fights economic depression and strives to forestall a civil war rooted in ancient hatreds. Kenneth C. Danforth and photographer Steve McCurry explore a troubled country.
Northwest Passage { Changing Images of the Northwest Passage}
Over six summers, ethnographer John Bockstoce traversed a 3, 500- mile Arctic route between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in a 60- foot research vessel. He reports that mining, oil and gas exploration, and military operations are profoundly affecting the n

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