National Geographic April 1990


A Personal Vision of Vanishing Wildlife
A cheetah glimpsed through a grating, a manatee lolling at poolside, a circus panda seated toylike on a chair. Photographer James Balog confronts us with an unusual gallery: startling portraits of individuals in captivity that may be among the last of t;
Change Comes Slowly for Japanese Women { Japanese Women}
Unsung heroines in their nation’s success story quietly bolster the salarymen most often credited with Japan’s economic miracle. Traditionally excluded from public positions of influence, women wield significant power within the household. Though som;
Antarctica: A Land of Isolation No More
Earth’s coldest, driest, most remote, most desolate continent – – once the exclusive domain of explorers and scientists – – now draws jet set and cruise- ship tourists. Bryan Hodgson examines the scientific research there and the controversies revolving
When the Wall Fell- -Berlin’s Ode to Joy { Berlin’s Ode to Joy}
For 28 years the symbol of Cold War hostility, the wall dividing East and West Berlin has come tumbling down. Its destruction signaled a surge toward freedom as East Europeans took to the streets. They demand reform from the hard- line communist governm;

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