National Geographic July 1975


The Nightmare of Famine { Bangladesh: The Nightmare of Famine}
Bangladesh searches desperately for a way to save her hungry millions. Photographs by Steve Raymer.
Tireless Voyager, the Whistling Swan
Biologist William J. L. Sladen follows migrating flocks from Maryland to Alaska. Photographs by Bianca Lavies.
Cape Cod’s Circle of Seasons
Tom Melham concludes that the only people who enjoy everything the Cape has to offer are the lucky few who live there year round. Photographs by James P. Blair.
An Ozark Family Carves a Living and a Way of Life
Art has become more than a means of livelihood for the Dentons of northwest Arkansas. By Bruce Dale.
The Last Andaman Islanders { Arrows Speak Louder Than Words: The Last Andaman Islanders}
Most of the aborigines of these remote islands are gentle folk, but Raghubir Singh meets a few who still keep the modern world at bay.
Benjamin Franklin, Philosopher of Dissent { Philosopher of Dissent: Benj. Franklin}
Alice J. Hall and Linda Bartlett portray the versatile elder statesman of the American Revolution.
Can the World Feed Its People?
After a globe- girdling survey, Thomas Y. Canby and Steve Raymer report on the problems and prospects – – but find no easy answers.

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