National Geographic July 1970


Luxembourg, the Quiet Fortress
A land of walled towns and riverside castles, the grand duchy in the heart of Europe holds to its own language and ways.
Nature’s Toy Train, the Railroad Worm
An amateur entomologist trowels for larvae of the beetle Phrixothrix in South and Central America. When disturbed, the worm produces light, much as fireflies do.
Keeping House in a Cappadocian Cave
An author and his wife set up temporary housekeeping among farm families of central Turkey who dwell in ancient caves carved into volcanic pinnacles.
North Through History Aboard [ White Mist]
The Geographic’s Editor- in- Chief and family, guided by the experiences of early explorers, sail a 46- foot yawl from the Chesapeake Bay, up the Hudson and St. Lawrence Rivers, and onward to their summer home in Nova Scotia.
The Hutterites, Plain People of the West
Spring Creek, Montana, shelters a settlement of pacifists, who pursue large- scale farming and ranching. The 20, 000 Hutterites in North America, form the largest true communal group in the Western world.

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