National Geographic July 1966

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A Park to Save the Tallest Trees
Coastal redwoods of northern California, threatened by lumbering and highway development, would gain protection in Redwood National Park, proposed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and supported by the Society.
Living With Thailand’s Gentle Lua
An anthropologist and his wife travel by elephant to reach the hill tribe that practices an animistic religion and raises rice and cotton according to ancient custom.
The Mission Called 66: Today in Our National Parks
A ten- year plan called Mission 66 included expanded park facilities, roads, trails, and ranger training centers, and was guided by the author, a former director of the National Park Service.
Parkscape, U. S. A. : Tomorrow in Our National Parks
The director of the National Park Service describes the plan to expand the parks system by 1972 and improve parks in urban areas.
Today and Tomorrow in Our National Parks
The GEOGRAPHIC’s Editor acknowledges the participation of the Society’s leaders in the creation of the National Park Service in 1916.
The Marvelous Hummingbird Rediscovered
In the first color photographs of this resident of high valleys of Peru, a hummingbird flares tail feathers three times its two- inch body length.
Gibraltar- -Rock of Contention
Liberty port to the world’s fleets, the British crown colony overlooking the strait between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean is being troubled by Spain, which claims the area.

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    Very comprehensive. Makes me want to visit for a bucket list item.

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