National Geographic January 1960


Deep Diving by Bathyscaphe Off Japan { Deep Diving off Japan}
Scientists descend nearly two miles into the Pacific to investigate a potential radioactive- waste dump site and find surprisingly strong ocean current.
Flight to Adventure: Sky Road East { Sky Road East}
An American couple continues their flying adventures for the Society with a tour through the Middle East.
Little Laos, Next Door to Red China
This small, recently independent nation finds itself confronting an expanding wave of communism.
Marshall, George C. : 1880- 1959 { Tribute to General George C. Marshall}
The Society mourns the passing of a trustee, the great statesman whose post- World War II recovery plan for Europe earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.
I’m From New Jersey
A journalist from this much maligned state takes readers beyond the industrial corridor to a land of mountain lakes, verdant farmland, and fun- filled shore towns.
Face to Face With Gorillas in Central Africa
Researchers penetrate the thick forests of Central Africa’s Belgian Congo ( Zaire) to confront and study the rare mountain gorilla.

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