National Geographic February 1960


Chile, the Long and Narrow Land
An astonishing breadth of culture and geography characterizes this 110- mile- wide country shaped like a string bean.
My Life With Africa’s Little People
Comfortably at home with the Pygmies of the Belgian Congo ( Zaire) , an American artist writes compassionately of her neighbors and friends in the Ituri rain forest.
Exploring the Drowned City of Port Royal
On a summer’s day in 1692, an earthquake tossed most of this busy Jamaican town into the sea, where divers have recently found intact artifacts.
Lincoln, Man of Steel and Velvet
Poet and biographer Carl Sandburg offers an eloquent introduction to Abraham Lincoln.
Our Land Through Lincoln’s Eyes
Carolyn Bennett Patterson retraces the journeys of a President who traveled his country by steamer, flatboat, horseback, and train.

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