National Geographic July 1937


Adventures with Birds of Prey
Taming and training a pair of Cooper’s hawks is difficult yet rewarding, and offers a glimpse into the world of falconry.
Medal Awarded to Dr. Thomas C. Poulter { The Society’s Special Medal Is Awarded to Dr. Thomas C. Poulter: Admiral Byrd’s Second- in- Command and Senior Scientist Is Accorded High Geographic Honor}
For his role as director of research in the Byrd Antarctic Expedition of 1933- 35, Dr. Thomas C. Poulter was awarded the National Geographic Society’s Special Gold Medal, which was also granted to Admiral Peary and Amelia Earhart.
In the White Mountains { From Notch to Notch in the White Mountains: Soaring Heights of New Hampshire Attract Multitudes to America’s Oldest Mountain Recreation Area}
New Hampshire’s Presidential Range is a hiker’s paradise, rising to 6, 288 feet at Mount Washington’s windy, snowcapped peak.
On Goes Wisconsin: Strength and Vigor Mark This Midwestern State, With Its Woods and Lakes and Its Blend of Sturdy Nationalities
First settled by French explorers and missionaries, Wisconsin’s land of lakes, forests, and cherry orchards is now home to French, German, and Scandinavian descendants.
Potent Personalities- -Wasps and Hornets: Though Often Painfully Stung, Mankind Profits Immeasurably from the Pest- killing Activities of These Fiery Little Flyers
Often considered pests, wasps and hornets are beneficial to humans; for instance, some wasps kill the noisy cicada and the dangerous tarantula.

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