National Geographic August 1931


On Mackenzie’s Trail to the Polar Sea
Retracing the route of explorer Alexander Mackenzie, the author and a companion travel by canoe and by foot from Alberta, Canada, north to the Arctic Ocean, covering 1, 800 miles in three months.
Along the Old Mandarin Road of Indo- China
A modern motorway, the Route Coloniale No. 1 follows the contours of the old Mandarin Road through primitive jungles and plains along the South China Sea coast north to Hanoi and into China.
The Island of Nias, at the Edge of the World
Isolated on their 80- mile- long island off the coast of Sumatra, the people of Nias maintain a close relationship with the spirits of their ancestors.
Madrid Out- of- Doors
Summertime in the Spanish capital draws residents and visitors alike out to the parks, boulevards, and cafes of this majestic city.

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