National Geographic January 2007


Arctic Night Trek { Arctic Nightmare; Arctic Dreams & Nightmares}
In the dark of winter, two veteran adventurers slog toward the North Pole while a third battles for his life off the coast of Siberia. BY MARGUERITE DEL GIUDICE
Slovenia Treasure { A River’s Gifts}
Why did Romans, Celts, and even prehistoric settlers submerge their personal belongings, from swords to dishes, in a shallow river in Slovenia? BY CAROL KAUFMANN PHOTOGRAPHS BY ARNE HODALIC
Dubai { Dubai: Sudden City}
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum has led the transformation of his realm from a drowsy fishing village to a tax- free business haven and world capital of glittering excess. BY AFSHIN MOLAVI PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAGGIE STEBER
Amazon: Forest to Farms: Battle to Stop the Land Grab { Farming the Amazon; Last of the Amazon}
Brazil’s dilemma: Allow widespread- and profitable- destruction of the rain forest to continue, or intensify conservation efforts. BY SCOTT WALLACE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEX WEBB
Hummingbirds { Hummingbirds: Flight of Fancy}
Marvels of micro- engineering, hummingbirds are the bird world’s featherweight champions. BY MICHAEL KLESIUS PHOTOGRAPHS BY LUIS A. MAZARIEGOS
Humpback Mysteries { Hidden Lives of Humpbacks; Humpback Whales; Humpback Whales: What Are They Doing Down There? }
Famous for their acrobatic leaps and haunting songs, these whales are slowly revealing the mysteries of their underwater behavior. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY FLIP NICKLIN

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