National Geographic January 1990


New Evidence: Peary Reached the Pole { New Evidence Places Peary at the Pole}
Eighty years after Robert E. Peary reported he had reached the North Pole, his claim was still disputed. To settle the controversy, the National Geographic Society commissioned the Navigation Foundation to make a comprehensive study of the expedition’s;
Alaska’s Big Spill- -Can the Wilderness Heal?
When the supertanker Exxon Valdez ran aground last March 24, spewing 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound, some feared that the pristine waters would never recover. Bryan Hodgson assesses the worst tanker spill in U. S. history and a
Nest Gatherers of Tiger Cave
Jon Thompson and photographer Cary Wolinsky win entry to once closed corridors, tracing the history of the Kremlin from a 12th- century fort to palatial center of Soviet government and ceremony. With a photographic portfolio of the dazzling art and trapp
The Kremlin and Its Treasures { Inside the Kremlin}
The first of a new map series portrays in vivid three- dimensional paintings, the latest knowledge from decades of seafloor exploration.
Dance of the Electronic Bee
Recently developed, a tiny robot honeybee programmed by computer communicates to living bees information about distant sources of nectar. The mechanical marvel can even deliver a sample of sugar water to prove its point. Photographs and text by Mark W. ;

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