National Geographic February 1975


Brazil’s Beleaguered Indians { Requiem for a Tribe? Brazil’s Kreen- Akarores; Brazil’s Kreen- Akarores: Requiem for a Tribe? }
Explorer W. Jesco von Puttkamer chronicles the fateful encounter of the Kreen- Akarores with the modern world. In the light of subsequent events, his unique account may become their obituary.
Brazil’s Beleaguered Indians { Good- Bye to the Stone Age: Brazil’s Txukahameis; Brazil’s Txukahameis: Good- bye to the Stone Age}
Making a reluctant peace with progress, the aggressive Txukahameis seem likely to survive as individuals, but their culture already shows the effects of contact with modern Brazil. Photographs by W. Jesco von Puttkamer.
Baltimore: The Hidden City
Most travelers see only a grim rim as they speed past the venerable capital of Chesapeake Bay country. Those who stay awhile, as Fred Kline and Martin Rogers did, will discover a place of singular charm and ethnic diversity.
Sir Francis Drake { Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Sea Dog: Sir Francis Drake}
Fellow sea dog Alan Villiers re- creates the life and achievements of Sir Frances Drake, a freebooter who – – more than any other man – – started England’s march toward empire. Photographs by Gordon W. Gahan.
Western Australia, the Big Country
Kenneth MacLeish and James L. Stanfield report on a land once dismissed as not fit for a dog to live in. Now it pulses with opportunity – – and with the high challenge of a still- untamed frontier.
Mystery Shrouds the Biggest Planet
Science editor Kenneth F. Weaver describes the brilliantly successful flights of Pioneer 10 and 11, which laid to rest some old notions about Jupiter but raised at least as many new questions.

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