National Geographic February 1972


Spirits of Change Capture the Karens
Tribesmen of western Thailand practice slash- and- burn and irrigated agriculture but make offering to the spirits to ensure their rice crops.
Maryland on the Half Shell
From the port of Baltimore to Camp David, Ocean City to Chesapeake Bay, this little state, one of the original 13, packs a wallop.
To the Mountains of the Moon { Apollo 15 Explores the Mountains of the Moon}
The most scientifically rewarding space voyage to date returns with 170 pounds of moon rocks collected by Apollo 15 astronauts traveling 17 miles across the moon’s surface.
Happy Birthday, Otto Lilienthal!
Young Californians revive the reputation of a German engineer whose glider flights inspired their home- built hang gliders.
African Wildlife: Man’s Threatened Legacy { Continent’s Living Treasure }
Hunters, poachers, herdsmen, and farmers have seriously reduced animal populations in Africa. Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Botswana protect the survivors.

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