National Geographic February 1971


I Live With the Eskimos
The author, an anthropologist and a Roman Catholic missionary, records the transformation of semi- nomadic Eskimos of Baffin Island and the Hudson Bay shore during his quarter century of residence.
Titicaca, Abode of the Sun
Rain and snow of the Andes feed the gigantic lake, held sacred by the Inca, and now shared by Bolivia and Peru.
Australia’s Pacesetter State, Victoria
More than a quarter of Australia’s 12. 5 million people live in one of its smallest, yet most productive states.
The Crab That Shakes Hands
Declining catches of the meaty ten- legged king crab of Alaska worry fishermen and marine biologists.
New Orleans and Her River
New Orleans features a singular way of life created by people of many cultures – – French, Spanish, American, and African. The economy of the Mississippi River Delta helps them prosper.

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