National Geographic December 2002


The Hawaiians { Hawaiians: Reclaiming Their Culture; Hawai’ i: Preserving the Breath}
The Hawaiians A century after Hawaiians lost their kingdom and much of their culture, a new generation is discovering its roots- and some of them want their islands back. BY PAUL THEROUX PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICHARD A. COOKE III, ADRIEL HEISEY, AND LYNN JOHNSO
The Magic of Snowy Owls { Snowy Owls; Muscle & Magic: Snowy Owls}
Snowy Owls They’ ve got movie- star charisma, with power ( and talons) to match. But to raise chicks, snowy owls rely on the boom- or- bust market of their favorite prey: the humble lemming. BY LYNNE WARREN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DANIEL J. COX
[ PT 109: ] Ted Kennedy Remembers { The Search for [ PT 109] }
The Search for PT 109 Explorer Bob Ballard goes after JFK’s PT 109, and Senator Ted Kennedy recalls a heroic brother’s return. BY ROBERT D. BALLARD AND SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
Chandra { The Telescope With X- ray Vision; X- ray Vision; Super X- ray Vision}
X- ray Vision The orbiting Chandra X- ray Observatory lifts the veil on exploding stars, pulsars, quasars, and black holes. BY MICHAEL KLESIUS
By Camel Across the Sahara { Surviving the Sahara}
Surviving the Sahara Fifteen- hundred miles of heat, cold, hunger, and evil spirits. The team’s only hope: their steadfast camels. BY JOHN HARE PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
ZipUSA: 22102 { ZipUSA: Booming in the Bust; ZipUSA: Tysons Corner, Virginia}
ZipUSA: Tysons Corner, Virginia If money talks, then this suburban mall shouts. Hard to believe it was once a rural crossroads. BY GLENN GARELIK PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
Can Kabul Come Back? { A New Day in Kabul}
A New Day in Kabul Children are returning to school. Women are starting businesses. Can the recovery of Afghanistan’s weary cap- ital city be sustained? BY EDWARD GIRARDET PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE McCURRY

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