National Geographic March 2000


Hard Rock Legacy
Gold, silver, and other hardrock mining contributed to a colorful page to the history of the American West. Tainted by past blunders, the modern- day industry struggles to reconcile high stakes economics with sound environmental practices.
Ancient Greece III { Alexander the Conqueror: Ancient Greece, Part III}
After Alexander the Great’s 12- year campaign of slaughter and conquest his Greek language and culture linked kingdoms from Egypt to the Indus Valley for three centuries.
Beijing: New Face For the Ancient Capital
Bolstered by foreign investment, Beijing’s booming economy is transforming the cityscape of China’s ancient capital as well as the lifestyle and expectations of its inhabitants.
Bugging Out: Into Madidi’s Teeming Jungle, a Photographer’s Journal
A photographer’s dream can also be his worst nightmare. Join Joel Sartore in Madidi as he waits for killer swine, digs burrowing maggots from his flesh, and sleeps with bats and sweat bees.
Madidi National Park { Madidi: Bolivia’s Spectacular New National Park; Madidi: Will Bolivia Drown Its New National Park? }
Champions of Bolivia’s new national park hope ecotourism will preserve this extraordinarily diverse corner of the Amazon, but a hydroelectric dam could jeopardize its future.
Stone Cold Ascent
In the wicked Patagonian winter four men scale the sheer west face of Cerro Torre, a rare and dangerous first in the world of rock climbing.
Arctic Submarine { The New Cold War: Stalking Arctic Climate Change by Submarine}
Beneath the icy surface of the Arctic Ocean, scientists aboard a Navy submarine map uncharted waters and gather clues about Earth’s changing climate.

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