National Geographic December 1976


First Family of Early Man { Early Man in Ethiopia; Ethiopia Yields First Family of Early Man}
A three- million- year- old tragedy comes to light in Ethiopia as scientists unearth some of the earliest ancestors of modern man yet found. An expedition report by Donald C. Johanson, with photographs by David Brill.
To Torre Egger’s Icy Summit
A vertical spire of rock and ice in the Andes is scaled by three U. S. climbers, Jim Donini, Jay Wilson, and John Bragg.
Square- rigger Voyage from Baltic to Bicentennial { By Square- Rigger from Baltic to Bicentennial; From Baltic to Bicentennial by Square Rigger}
Kenneth Garrett joins the crew of Poland’s Dar Pomorza for the tall ships’ Atlantic crossing and salute to America’s 200th birthday.
Australia’s Bizarre Wild Flowers { Southwest Australia’s Wild Gardens: Bizarre and Beautiful}
Paul A. Zahl photographs the fantastic plants that time and isolation have produced.
Whales of the World { Exploring the Lives of Whales}
Marine biologist Victor B. Scheffer assesses efforts to learn more about these huge, sea- roving, air- breathing mammals – – efforts that may help assure their survival.
Whales of the World { The Imperiled Giants}
Earth’s largest creatures have paid dearly for sharing the same planet with humankind, reports William Graves after a global survey.
Jackson Hole: Good- bye to the Old Days?
Residents of Wyoming’s spectacular valley, camping place of the early mountain men, change their minds about government controls as they battle overdevelopment. By Francois Leydet and Jonathan Wright.

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