National Geographic December 1972


From the Bahamas to Belize: Probing the Deep Reefs’ Hidden Realm
The outer edges of clifflike Atlantic reefs from the Bahamas to Belize harbor a fairyland of interrelated creatures.
Israel- -The Seventh Day
Since the Six- Day War of 1967, no rest or peace has come to Israel, where her own people are divided between Western and Oriental Jew, Orthodox tradition and secular practices.
Apollo 16 Brings Us Visions From Space
The mission returns with startling views of Earth, enormous amounts of data, and new questions about the universe.
The Navajos
Neglected and poverty- stricken, the largest Indian nation in the U. S. seeks to control its destiny on a reservation reaping a windfall from mineral leases.
Who Were the Mound Builders ?
Early American Indians built towns, raised mounds that rivaled Mexico’s pyramids, and traded along routes from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.
Those Popular Pandas { What’s Black and White and Loved All Over? }
The director of the National Zoo in Washington, D. C. , describes the giant panda pair presented to the U. S. by China following President Richard M. Nixon’s historic visit.

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