National Geographic December 1909


Emigration to America an Industry { A Country Where Going to America Is an Industry}
In addition to agriculture the largest change in all of Italy south and east of Naples, including Sicily, seems to consist of immigration to the United States.
Arabia, the Desert of the Sea
With a million square miles of trackless expanse between Egypt and Persia, the author focuses on the oases, cities, ruins, and peoples of this vast land.
Notes on Turbulent Nicaragua
There is no spot of equal area upon the globe in which so much human blood has been wasted in civil war or so much wanton destruction committed as here, the author says, with a touch of irony in light of the fact that nature has blessed Nicaragua with; w
The Route Over Which Moses Led the Children of Israel Out of Egypt
The desert of the Exodus has an actual existence upon the face of the Earth, the author says, and it is being mapped, studied, and photographed.

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