National Geographic August 1989


The Many Lives of Old Havana
From Soto to Hemingway to Castro, Cuba’s past is alive in the crowded old quarter of the capital, where a massive restoration effort proceeds amid the tempo of everyday life. By Joseph Judge, with photographs by James L. Stanfield.
Elephant Talk
Using low- frequency sound inaudible to the human ear, seemingly silent elephants keep up a steady flow of communication with one another. Katherine Payne and her research team developed sophisticated recording techniques to break the code of the pachyde
The Quest for Oil
The people who search the world for the crude that fuels our global economy find their task ever harder. Fred Hapgood and photographer George Steinmetz follow the seekers through jungles, deserts, Arctic wilderness, and computer- generated vistas of eart
Tragedy in Alaska Waters
Once found, oil must get to market. Douglas B. Lee reports on the disastrous consequences of a tanker run aground. Photographer Natalie Fobes records the impact on Prince William Sound.
I Dream a World : America’s Black Women { They Came to Stay }
A selection of portraits from a new book and traveling exhibition takes viewers into the lives and hearts of black women who have helped change America. Photographs and interviews by Brian Lanker, with a foreward by Maya Angelou.
San Diego- -Where Two Californias Meet
Bounded by ocean and mountains, blessed with an appealing climate, California’s second largest city has evolved from a sleepy Navy town to a center for medical research and high- tech industry. Facing continued growth that threatens its quality of life,

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