National Geographic August 1979


Mysteries of Bird Migration: Tracking the Shore Dwellers: From Canada to Suriname
A Canadian wildlife scientist tracks sandpipers from James Bay to northern South America.
Chinese Shipwreck Trove { A 14th- Century Cargo Makes Port at Last; Yellow Sea Yields Shipwreck Trove}
In the murk and mud off South Korea, a 14th- century hulk provides new insights into early Oriental ships – – and a vast, virtually intact cargo of Chinese ceramics. Photographed by H. Edward Kim; introduction by Donald H. Keith.
The Hard Life of the Prairie Dog
Resilient ground squirrels of the American West survive decades of extermination campaigns, though a Utah species is endangered. By Tim W. Clark, with photographs by Patricia Caulfield.
North Yemen: Middle East Flash Point { Volatile North Yemen; North Yemen}
Noel Grove and photographer Steve Raymer find this ancient, once fertile land plagued by fractious neighbors, splintered loyalties, and full- tilt inflation as it seeks a secure future amid the power politics of the Middle East.
The Inadan: Artisans of the Sahara
Niger’s master craftsmen live side by side with their Tuareg overlords in a mutually beneficial caste system. Article and photographs by Michael and Aubine Kirtley.
Walk Across America: On to the Pacific { A Walk Across America: Part II}
The trek from upstate New York to New Orleans behind him, Peter Jenkins takes a wife, Barbara. Together they complete this coast- to- coast odyssey, meeting and photographing an American people of strength and generosity.

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