National Geographic August 1978


Spitsbergen, Norway’s Arctic Hot Spot { Strategic Spitsbergen; Norway’s Strategic Arctic Islands}
Strategic location, a wealth of coal – – and possibly oil – – focus attention on a top- of- the- world archipelago named Svalbard – – Land With Frozen Shores. Gordon Young and Martin Rogers visit islands once too unimportant for any nation to claim.
Georgia, Unlimited
Still rich in peaches, pecans, and peanuts, a forward- looking state is shouldering its way to industrial prosperity as well. Alice J. Hall and Bill Weems find little left of its poor- South past.
New Zealand’s High Country
Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott tramp the Southern Alps, where ranchers endure the trails and enjoy the rewards of a rugged, lonely way of life.
The Magic of Aluminum { Aluminum, the Magic Metal}
Earth’s most plentiful and versatile metal also takes prodigious energy to produce. Thomas Y. Canby and James L. Amos report on a phenomenon of the industrial age.
New Ideas About Dinosaurs { A New Look at Dinosaurs; Startling New Look at Dinosaurs; Startling Finds Prompt. .. A New Look at Dinosaurs}
They ruled the earth for 140 million years, then disappeared. Were some of them warm- blooded? Did some evolve into birds? Paleontologist John H. Ostrom discusses new ideas about those terrible lizards, brought back to life by artist Roy Andersen.
Mountain Goats- -Guardians of the Heights { Mountain Goats: Daring Guardians of the Heights}
Wildlife biologist Douglas H. Chadwick records the precarious life of regal, surefooted masters of shrinking mountain fastness.

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