National Geographic August 1957


The Giant Tides of Fundy: A Naturalist and His Family Explore the Shores of a Restless Bay Where World- record Tides Wash Canada’s Maritime Provinces
In a remarkable twice- daily show, tides surge forward in a wall of water as high as 53 feet, then ebb until harbors are drained.
Keeping House for Tropical Butterflies: Scientists Learn New Secrets of Insect Evolution and Courtship by Building Butterfly Hotels in the Trinidad Jungle
Scientists study the habits of living specimens in a butterfly hotel in the Trinidad jungle.
Kachinas: Masked Dancers of the Southwest: Messengers of the Gods Mark Spring’s Coming with Age- old Rites, Rewarding the Good and Punishing Evildoers
The Pueblo people of Arizona and New Mexico honor life- giving supernatural beings.
Fledgling Wings of the Air Force
Thomas McKnew recalls his boyhood memories of Orville Wright piloting the first military flying machine.
El Morro: Story in Stone: Pueblo Indian, Conquistador, Padre, Cavalry Trooper, and Pioneer Carved Southwest Drama on New Mexico’s Inscription Rock
A 200- foot mesa in west- central New Mexico bears historic inscriptions: Native Americans, Spanish colonizers, American cavalry, and pioneers traveling by wagon train all paused to leave their mark.
History Written in the Skies: Pictorial Highlights of the First 50 Years of the United States Air Force
Pictorial highlights of the first 50 years of the growth of the United States Air Force.
Squaws Along the Yukon: Following the Fabled Gold- rush Route, Six Venturous Young Women and a Lone Man Paddle by Foldboat from Whitehorse to Eagle
Six women and a man relive the glory days of gold- rush travel by paddling the Yukon from Whitehorse to Eagle.

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