National Geographic August 1951


Hunting Musical Game in West Africa
The author relates his adventures in ethnomusicology, as he and his wife travel to West Africa to record the musical traditions of various peoples.
Turkey Paves the Path of Progress
The Republic of Turkey, founded by Kemal Ataturk, is a stronghold of democracy in an unstable Middle East.
Dragonflies- -Rainbows on the Wing
Beautiful, aggressive, and nimble fliers, dragonflies are streamlined predators that play a part in controlling the mosquito population.
Colorado’s Friendly Topland
Pike’s Peak and other parts of the mountains of Colorado are no longer forbidding but welcome climbers and hikers to their lofty heights.
Freezing the Flight of Hummingbirds
Operation Hummingbird has a dual purpose: to test new lightweight equipment for natural- history color photography, and to record the flight of species new to our cameras.
The Palio of Siena
The Palio, or horse race, in Siena, Italy, is an occasion for displaying colorful old costumes and customs.

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