National Geographic August 1955


Across Canada by Mackenzie’s Track: Following the Fur Trader’s Canoe Highway, Author and Family Find Northland Travel Still an Adventure
Driving from Montreal in the east to the tiny fishing port of Bella Coola on the Pacific coast, Ralph Gray traces the fur trader’s 18th- century route across Canada.
[ Calypso] Explores for Underwater Oil: The Persian Gulf’s Pirate Coast Yields Its Secrets to Science; in the Indian Ocean, Aqualung Divers War on Sharks
Following geologic investigations in the Persian Gulf, the Calypso crew heads for the Indian Ocean and a dramatic encounter with nearly 30 sperm whales.
Completing the Atlas of the Universe: Astronomers Throughout the World Receive the First Section of the National Geographic Society- Palomar Observatory Sky Survey
The 48- inch telescope- camera nicknamed Big Schmidt produces an unprecedented collection of stellar images for the National Geographic Society- Palomar Observatory Sky Survey.
Aviation Medicine on the Threshold of Space: Service Doctors, Facing Medical Problems Unknown on Earth, Make Possible Man’s Exploration of the Hostile Heavens
At a time when manned flight has attained an altitude of only 17 miles, scientists grapple with the potential effects of cosmic rays, weightlessness, and a dwindling oxygen supply.
Skunks Want Peace- -or Else!
As trained house pets or in the wild, these mild- mannered animals frolic peacefully unless aggressively provoked.

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