National Geographic April 1992


The New World of Spain
Preserving the best of its illustrious past, Spain moves to the frenetic tempo of the 1900s as it claims full partnership in the European Community.
Captives in the Wild
Isolated within Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, a sizable lion population appears healthy but is, in fact, severely inbred; researchers assess the animals’ prospects.
The Simpson Outback
Edging Australia’s driest desert, cattle stations stretch to the size of countries while towns are little bigger than a pub. Scattered residents treat one another like family.
Vancouver- -Good Luck City
Canada’s doorway to Pacific trade, the mountain- rimmed port welcomes an influx of foreign investors and Asian immigrants. A map supplement highlights the heritage of British Columbia.
Blackwater Country
With the outside world closing in on the cypress- studded Okefenokee, old- time swampers in this Georgia- Florida borderland are becoming an endangered species.
Genetic Erosion: A Global Dilemma
As the natural habitat of wild animals shrinks, so does their gene pool, allowing congenital defects to develop that could eventually bring about extinction.

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