National Geographic April 1976


A Canoe Helps Hawaii Recapture Her Past
Planning Hokule’ a’s Bicentennial voyage to Tahiti brings a new awareness of Polynesia’s all- but- forgotten folkways. By Herb Kawainui Kane and David Hiser.
Look of a Land Beloved
Dewitt Jones travels through New Hampshire and Vermont, recording the visual echoes – – and perhaps the sources – – of Frost’s verbal imagery.
Irish Ways Live On in Dingle
Eire’s outermost corner guards a rich heritage of life and language. Bryan Hodgson and Linda Bartlett thread the peninsula’s sometimes tragic past and ponder its uncertain future.
Will Brazil’s Fiery Bees Reach the U. S. ? { Those Fiery Brazilian Bees}
When 26 African queens escaped and mated with local bees, they started a new menace – – and a lively controversy. Rick Gore reports the differing views of scientists as the new strain swarms north toward Mexico and the United States. Photographs by Bianc
San Antonio: Texas, Actin’ Kind of Natural
San Antone still offers the rich cultural brew author Fred Kline knew as a boy. Photographer David Hiser views the city with a newcomer’s freshness of eye.
Water Dwellers in a Desert World
Gavin Young and Nik Wheeler explore the seldom- visited domain of Iraq’s Marsh Arabs.
Robert Frost and New England
Archibald MacLeish remembers a friend and examines his ties with New England.

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