National Geographic April 1931


Under the South African Union { Cape of Good Hope: The Floral Province}
Arriving in Cape Town, South Africa, the author points out similarities between this coastal territory and other modern parts of the British Empire.
Under the South African Union { Orange Free State: The Prairie Province}
Cattle, sheep, and grain fields blanket much of Orange Free State, or O. F. S. , the predominantly pastoral section of the South African Union.
Under the South African Union { The Transvaal: The Treasure- House Province}
Riding the government- owned rails through the Transvaal, the author visits the mines of some South African treasures: gold, coal, platinum, and diamonds.
Under the South African Union { Natal: The Garden Province}
Balmy weather in coastal Natal encourages the growth of sugarcane and bananas for export. By contrast, Natal National Park encompasses some of South Africa’s most striking mountains.
The Fire- Walking Hindus of Singapore
Hindu devotees dart across flaming coals and endure hooks, pins, and needles in their flesh to entreat divine assistance or assure continued favor.

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