National Geographic October 1931


The Citroe?n Trans- Asiatic Expedition Reaches Kashmir: Scientific Party Led by Georges- Marie Haardt Successfully Crosses Syria, Iraq, Persia, and Afghanistan to Arrive at the Pamir
On assignment with the Citroen team, a journalist recounts the hazards and highlights of a trek through the Middle East in specially designed desert cars.
The Five Thousand Temples of Paga?n: Burma’s Sacred City Is a Place of Enchantment in the Midst of Ruins
Colossal monuments to the Buddhist faith, the temples of Ananda, Thatbyinnyu, and Gawdawpalin inspire awe even in decay.
The Land of Sawdust and Spangles- -A World in Miniature
When the circus comes to town, exhibiting its geographical wonders within the confines of a vacant lot, children of all ages see a living collage of animals and people from every corner of the world.

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