National Geographic July 2017


Desperate For A Cure

In Venezuela, public hospitals turn patients away for lack of supplies, and most basic medicines are impossible to find. Out of options, the sick resort to spiritual healers.

The Crisis On The Ice

A dramatic rise in sea level is coming. But when?

The Beauty Below The Ice

A photographer finds plenty of life flourishing under Antarctic ice.

The Last Honey Hunter

Only one man can harvest the honey guarded by the world’s largest honeybees.

Flight School

High-speed cameras freeze hummingbirds in time and reveal the secrets of their darts and dives.

The Making of a Massacre

As vengeance for a leak, the Zetas drug cartel attacked a Mexican town.

Yellow River at Risk

Rapid development is fueling China’s rise. The cost may be a vital resource.

{ Poster } The history of stadiums

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