National Geographic July 2013


Mars Gets Its Close-Up

The rover Curiosity is taking red planets portraits.

It All Began in Chaos

The giant planets didn’t always sit where they are today. Our solar system was shaped by a wild and stormy youth.

Last Song for Migrating Birds

Across the Mediterranean millions are killed by food, profit, and cruel amusement.

Our Missing Ancestor

Meet a mysterious member of the human family.

Genes Are Us

Humans share a quarter of their genes with a grain of rice – as sign of our common heritage.

Daniel Kish: Bat Man

Blind since 13 months, he explores the world – and even rides a bike – by clicking his tongue.

Hay Beautiful

A walk through the grass-growing meadows of Transylvania will cheer your spirits. The old art of making hay is the reason.

The Comeback Croc

Thirty years ago the yacare caiman seemed doomed to a leathery death. What happened?

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