National Geographic September 2013


Rising Seas

They’re inevitable. And they’re sure to be costly – especially if we don’t prepare. Coastal cities are turning to the Netherlands for guidance.

{ Special Poster } If All the Ice Melted

Australia’s Big Bird

The cassowary is a standout: Six feet tall, 160-plus pounds, and dad sits on the eggs.

Climbing Untamed Antarctica

The first thing that the team members learned: Don’t attach yourself to a kite.

Space Mountains

Planets have them too. And they dwarf Everest.

JR: Prince of Prints

From Cuba to Kenya, the bold artist makes political points with his giant portraits.

Urban Pulse of the Congo

The miracle of Kinshasa is that amid the chaos of this capital city, artists survive and thrive.

Failure Is an Option

History shows that without it, we’d be nowhere.

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