2004 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 2004

    Patagonia: The Wild Wild South { Patagonia: Land of the Living Wind}
    Patagonia: the Wild Wild South Once the sole domain of sheep farmers, the wind- whipped tip of South America is drawing a new generation of pioneers and adventure seekers. BY SIMON WORRALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER ESSICK
    The Himba People { The Mystical Himba of Southern Africa; Himba: Consulting the Past, Divining the Future}
    The Himba People Romanticized by tourists, Namibia's Himba struggle to maintain control of their life and lands. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY CAROL BECKWITH AND ANGELA FISHER
    Himalayan Sanctuary { India's Hanle Valley; In Their Own World: The Sacred Community of India's Forbidden Hanle Valley}
    Himalayan Sanctuary With the help of the Dalai Lama, a Western photographer is welcomed by the isolated monks and nuns of Hanle Valley in a remote corner of India's Ladakh. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATTIAS KLUM
    Breaking the Ice { Probing the Frozen Arctic; Northern Exposure}
    Breaking the Ice Scientists eager to explore the Arctic's Canada Basin find getting there is one challenge. Getting data is another. BY JENNIFER STEINBERG HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
    Bronze Age Map of the Stars { Star Search}
    Star Search Relic thieves, a 3, 600- year- old disk of the heavens, and an intrepid archaeologist add up to a real- life thriller. BY HARALD MELLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    59631: Mining for Miracles { Mining for Miracles in Montana; ZipUSA: 59631; ZipUSA: Basin, Montana}
    ZipUSA: 59631 Folks come from all over to sit in a Montana mine and inhale radioactive gas. Is it good for what ails them? BY KIRA SALAK PHOTOGRAPHS BY LANDON NORDEMAN
    Mars: Is There Life in the Ancient Ice? { Mars Revisited; Mars: Planet Ice}
    Mars Revisited The so- called red planet is ages- make that ice ages- removed from the inert wasteland scientists once thought. Now landers are closing in to probe the big question: Could there be liquid water, and with it signs of life? BY OLIVER MORTON

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  • National Geographic February 2004

    06830: Greenwich Dream Time { ZipUSA: 06830; ZipUSA: Greenwich Dream Time; ZipUSA: Greenwich, Connecticut}
    ZipUSA: 06830 Old money, new money- in Greenwich, Connecticut, millionaires are a dime a dozen. BY DAVID RAKOFF PHOTOGRAPHS BY CATHERINE KARNOW
    Carbon Cycle { The Case of the Missing Carbon}
    The Case of the Missing Carbon Hooked on fossil fuels, humans pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fortunately, plants and ocean waters gather it in. But what happens when the planet's great carbon recycling system goes awry? BY TIM APPENZELLER PHOT
    A Chinese Empire to Rival Rome { Han Dynasty}
    Han Dynasty As mighty in the East two thousand years ago as the Romans were in the West, the Han emperors- brilliant, cunning, and cruel- left a mark on China that endures today. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
    Inca Expedition { Lost Outpost of the Inca; Mystery Mountain of the Inca}
    Lost Outpost of the Inca Could this mountain stronghold also have been the home of an earlier, as yet unknown people? An expedition probes the intriguing ruins of Cerro Victoria. BY PETER FROST PHOTOGRAPHS BY GORDON WILTSIE
    Canada's Great White Bears { Great Whites of the North; Polar Bears; Polar Bears: White on White}
    Canada's Great White Bears A polar bear paparazzo brings back close- up images of these Hudson Bay celebrities. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY NORBERT ROSING
    World's Fastest Monkeys { Kenya's Patas Monkeys: Life on a Fast Track}
    World's Fastest Monkeys Kenya's patas monkeys not only run fast, they eat fast, reproduce fast- and some are dying fast. BY LISA MOORE LAROE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP AND MANO) SHAH
    South Pacific Coral Hideaway { South Pacific Hideaway; Phoenix Islands: A Coral Reef Wilderness Revealed}
    South Pacific Hideaway On the healthy reefs of the Phoenix Islands, scientists find new species and clues to preserving paradise. BY GREGORY S. STONE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN

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  • National Geographic March 2004

    Armenia Reborn { The Rebirth of Armenia}
    Armenia Reborn For 3, 000 years Armenians survived conquer- ors, calamities, and diaspora. Defiance and a long memory continue to sustain them as they rebuild their Caucasus homeland. BY FRANK VIVIANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEXANDRA AVAKIAN
    The Price of Growth in China { China's Growing Pains}
    China's Growing Pains Wrenching environmental problems are plaguing the world's newest industrial powerhouse. Can China clean up its act? BY ] ASPER BECKER PHOTOGRAPHS BY BOB SACHA
    Sweet Home Talladega { 35160: Free To Be; ZipUSA: 35160; ZipUSA: Talladega, Alabama}
    ZipUSA: 35160 In Talladega, Alabama, hearing and sight aren't requirements for the good life. BY MARGARET G. ZACKOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
    Elephant Communication { Elephant Talk; Calls in the Wild}
    Calls in the Wild Elephants are able to talk long distance but only with the cooperation of a fickle carrier: the weather. BY LYNNE WARREN
    A Rain Forest in Rio's Backyard { Brazil's Atlantic Forest; Rio's Backyard Rain Forest; The Rain Forest in Rio's Backyard}
    Rio's Backyard Rain Forest The once vast Atlantic forest of Brazil survives only as a scattering of green islands in a sea of human sprawl. Now scientists have plans to save its remnants from the rising tide of development. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPH
    British Columbia's Outback { Stikine River; Deep North}
    British Columbia's Outback What do you call an unforgiv- ing land whose beauty can be fatal? The people of the Stikine River Valley call it home. BY WADE DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHS BY SARAH LEEN

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  • National Geographic April 2004

    Cranes: The Long Way Home { Cranes: No Mere Bird }
    Cranes Symbols of luck and majesty, cranes have been called wildness incarnate. But with wildness disappearing and their luck running out, the great birds are getting some help from scientists and self- described craniacs. BY JENNIFER ACKERMAN MAP SU
    Africa's City of Hope and Fear { Johannesburg; City of Hope, City of Fear: Johannesburg}
    Johannesburg Ten years after apartheid, South Africa's boom- town wrestles with new freedoms and new fears. Will Jo' burg over- come its crimes- past and present- to lead Africa into the future? BY PETER GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMASZ TOMASZEWSKI
    Hukawng Valley { Tigers in the Valley of Death ; Valley of Death; A Question of Balance}
    Valley of Death In Myanmar's isolated Hukawng Valley the tiger was king of the jungle until poachers and gold miners moved in. Now plans are under way to restore its reign with the largest tiger sanctuary in the world. BY ALAN RABINOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY
    04578: Worm Capital of the World { Worm Capital of the World; ZipUSA: 04578; ZipUSA: Wiscasset, Maine}
    ZipUSA: 04578 The prettiest village in Maine has great lobster rolls, but Wiscasset's real specialty is foot- long worms. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOSE AZEL
    Badlands { It's All Good in the Badlands; Reefs in a Prairie Sea}
    Badlands South Dakota's stark buttes and wind- roiled grasslands are more bountiful than bad, harboring bison, birds, and a hoard of fossils that illegal collectors can't resist. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANNIE GRIFFITHS BELT
    Chasing Tornadoes: A Tale of Science, Guts, and Luck { The Hard Science, Dumb Luck, and Cowboy Nerve of Chasing Tornadoes}
    Chasing Tornadoes Stalking the funnel clouds that rip through America's heartland, a National Geographic team gets in close for a terrifying look at the workings of the deadly storms. BY PRIIT ] . VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER


    Included: Generalized flyways by bird group- -land birds, waterfowl ( ducks, geese, swans) , shore and wading birds, seabirds, and birds of prey; selected bird routes- -those of individually tracked birds and routes derived from banding recoveries and fi
    Included: Migration flyways by bird group- -land birds, waterfowl ( ducks, geese, swans) , shore and wading birds, sea birds, and birds of prey; selected bird routes- -those of individually tracked birds and routes derived from banding recoveries and fie

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  • National Geographic May 2004

    Hanoi, the Soul of Vietnam { Hanoi: Shedding the Ghosts of War}
    Hanoi A returning journalist finds the city of poets energized by opportunity, respectful of its ghosts, and seductively charming. BY DAVID LAMB PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    Maya Royal Grave { Unlooted Grave of a Maya King; Place of the Standing Stones: Unearthing a King From the Dawn of the Maya}
    Maya Royal Grave Fit for a king, one of the oldest known Maya burials is discovered unlooted in southwestern Guatemala. BY CLIFF TARPY PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Whitesburg, KY: The Hills Are Alive { ZipUSA: 41858: Different Drummers; ZipUSA: Whitesburg, Kentucky}
    ZipUSA: 41858 What do you get when you cross a banjo picker and a punk rocker? A Kentucky town that moves to its own beat. BY TIM BROOKES PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    Cuba, Kansas ( pop. 231) { The Great Plains, Part 2: Pulling Together- -30 Years in the Life of Cuba, Kansas}
    Cuba, Kansas Native son Jim Richardson has been creating an intimate portrait of this Great Plains town for 30 years- and counting. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
    Europe's Big Gamble { In Focus: Europe's Big Gamble}
    Europe's Big Gamble As the European Union expands to 25 nations, its 74 million new citizens wonder how their lives will change. BY DON BELT
    Ballard Expedition 2003 { Being Bob Ballard; Going Deep With Bob Ballard; . .. Ancient Wrecks Await: Ballard Expedition 2003}
    Being Bob Ballard The explorer went looking for deepwater shipwrecks. As usual, he found them- but not without deep trouble. BY PETER DE JONGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
    Alaska Wolves on the Hunt { Life and Death in Alaska; Dance of Death}
    Life and Death in Alaska Wolves ( and bears) move in for the kill as a wounded moose makes his last stand in Denali National Park. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY YVA MOMATIUK AND JOHN EASTCOTT
    Change of Heartland: America's Great Plains { The Late Great Plains; The Great Plains, Part 1: Change of Heartland}
    The Late Great Plains After generations of trying to bully America's heartland into producing, many farmers are giving up. But others are changing their ways, working with the land on its own terms. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON

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  • National Geographic June 2004

    At Home With Flickers { Flickers: Carving Out Their Niche}
    At Home With Flickers Flashing bright underfeathers in flight, these big noisy woodpeckers help shape forest biodiversity. BY JENNIFER STEINBERG HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL S. QUINTON
    America's Front Yard { Sprawl on the Mall? ; The Battle for America's Front Yard}
    America's Front Yard Lots of folks like Washington, D. C. 's, new World War II Memorial. Lots of others don't- including those who sued to halt its construction. It turns out that Americans have always had trouble agreeing on how to use the National Ma
    The Shiites of Iraq { Reaching for Power: The Shiites of Iraq}
    The Shiites of Iraq They' ve been systematically repressed for decades. Now Iraq's majority Muslim sect prepares to play a powerful role in a chaotic, post- Saddam world. BY JANINE DI GIOVANNI PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATT MOYER
    Monterey Canyon { Monterey Menagerie; Under Monterey Bay; Way Down Deep}
    Monterey Menagerie Off the coast of California an undersea canyon harbors an array of deeply strange creatures. BY VIRGINIA MORELL
    Cliff- Hanging Tombs { Tombs of Peru's Cloud People}
    Cliff- Hanging Tombs Archaeologists venture high into the cloud forests of Peru to save ancient burials and their rare statues. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICARDO MORALES GAMARRA
    The End of Cheap Oil
    The End of Cheap Oil It's inevitable. But just how soon will the vital fuel become so scarce and expensive that we' re forced to make hard choices about how we live? BY TIM APPENZELLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY SARAH LEEN
    02860: Home Far Away { ZipUSA: 02860; ZipUSA: Pawtucket, RI; ZipUSA: Pawtucket, Rhode Island}
    ZipUSA: 02860 Torn between the promise of prosperity and bittersweet memories of home, Cape Verdeans find ways to keep their past present in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ] ACQUELINE MIA FOSTER


    WASHINGTON, D. C.(10 x 18 5/8 inches)
    Included: Street map noting embassies, hotels, Metro stations, monuments and memorials, points of interest.
    THE MAKING OF THE MALL(18 5/8 x 10 inches)
    Included: Maps showing the development of the Mall from 1860 to 2000; the maps are reprinted with permission from [ Washington Through Two Centuries: A History in Maps and Images] , Monacelli Press, publisher.

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